Many of my fav shows have ended for the season. So sad. No more I love money. No more for the love of RayJ, Making the Band, Heroes….

Its so sad. Brings a tear to my eye. There is still House for another week and of course the rediculous College Hill.

Though I do enjoy watching reality shows I dont think I can bring myself to watch Daisy of Love or New York gets a job. I just don’t understand why they have shows. Anybody with a mental disorder can get a show these days.

College Hill went from being the BET version of the Real World into its own realm of stupidity. There is just a point when its too much and I think I’ve hit that wall. Screaming stereotypical gay fat dude with an eating disorder was the straw that broke the camels back. I’d rather sit and watch Spongebob. At  least his show has plots…

House has been following a storyline plot that has, like many other shows it seems, drug the plot out as long as possible. This hallucination is annoying and I’m glad he finally broke it (for now). AND, can I get an AMEN for House finally sleeping with Cutty?! I mean, now whats the plot gonna be??? While I do like the storylines of the main cast, I feel that this season has been more about them then about the medicine. I watch shows like House and Grey’s Anatomy, not just for the drama, but the medicine. I’m a health nerd. Its just my thing. I’m never bored by health talk. But lesbos and bachelor parties and hallucinations are taking it overboard.

Grey’s Anatomy will be interesting this week. Its the wedding week! They finally do it. I guess there isn’t much left in the run of the show anymore. People were getting tired of Grey and McPretty not being together and now that they are, there’s no where left for the show to go. It is ultimately about Dr. Grey. Not Chang and her strangling PTSD boyfriend or Lizzie’s slow agonizing death…


On another note, I’ve been watching a show on HBO called “Brave New Voices.” Its about youth doing spoken word. So good to see that all the negative going on in the world with the wars and recession, that young people have a way, a voice to speak out. These kids are, from the outside, the ones that people would steroetype as being problem children. The ones that the teacher sits in the back corner of the class cuz they have no hope. But many of the kids are activists in their neighborhoods and schools, promoting positive change to the areas that they grace. I’ve always been a bit of a writer. Never did the spoken word things but I do like to write when I’m stuck in my head and cant come out. Seeing these kids, some with illnesses, tell their stories and be welcomed with open arms shows that there’s still a little hope in the youth. Nobody is using guns to take care of their problems, they are using pens. These kids spit harder rhymes then most artists out there today. A group of teens from Hawaii tell you a story about their native land. A blonde hair blue eyed girl actually makes you feel for her…lol (j/k) You see pain and struggle through some of these teens that many adults struggle with. This is def a new fav show for me. Not all of the teenagers in America are on youtube doin the stankyleg! (Thank GOD!)


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I know its been a while but…

I just haven’t really been in the mood to talk about reality tv. Too much goin on in my brain. Speaking of, I really just gotta get this off my chest. This dude from my home area tried to talk to me and I’ve been trying to be a better person and not roll my eyes at every thing that calls itself a man these days, so I entertained him. He began asking me questions about people and places in this area and I make it a point to not be known in this town. AT ALL.. I like flyin under the radar. Its drama free and child free. So basically this dude starts to distance himself from me because I’m “lame” and I’m a “nerd.” So this is what I would like to say to this guy:

If i’m lame cuz I don’t speak about drugs I speak about current events. If i’m lame bc I know what the swine flu is. If i’m lame bc instead of hangin on the corner tryin to find a new baby daddy, i focus on school. Because I care more about the growth of my mind then my social calendar. Because I don’t hang with who you hang with or know who you know and I might not have a cross tatted on me but I keep my cross far away from my glock unlike you.  You see on my scale is a book, not drugs and I’m not tryin to have corrections officers involved in my future. Hell I want to have a future so hang at the Elks lodge and I’ll watch the Colbert Report. If that makes me lame, then so be it. I like that I know the difference between Dr. Dre and Bach. I like that I played band in highschool. I like that I was in chorus and band and dance in high school. Cuz while I was doin that you were on your 2nd child. And while I was walkin across the stage collecting my diploma with a 3.8 gpa and opportunities to go to any public college in Florida, you were sitting in the bleachers with your children crying for attention. I walked off the stage with your dream in my hand. And yeah, I may be back here, and I may be starting over. This is my lowest point in life to date, but God is good to those who are good to themselves. So I’m not gonna come hang out with you on the corner, I’m gonna keep doin me. Cuz with opposition like you behind me and God in front, unlike you, this in not my ending. This isn’t my beginning. Its a step on the journey of life. Its positive. No drugs, no drama, nothing that my parents would be ashamed of. Call me lame, boring, a nerd, whatever. I don’t have kids or a record or an STD or a reputation and I ‘d like to keep it that way. In 40 years I’ll be focused on retirement and the next phase in my life. You’ll finally be starting the journey that I’m already on. While its better late than never, don’t knock me for starting before you….So if that makes me lame…….I’ll be that!

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April 14th, 2009

Hi all!,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I spent mine in the ER with my mom..but I’m always excited for Mondays!

Why are women attracted to House? Why are the women that he works with attracted to him? It has to be that damn human emotion, ya know, you always want what you can never have? Either way, tonight Cutty showed her true feelings, whether she meant to or not. Cameron hit it right on the head when she said tonight that Cutty was claiming her man. All that bickering does have to make for really good sexual chemistry. Cameron’s getting married (yay i guess) and fourteen looks like its on the verge of splitting up (my real yay) its not that I have a problem with them as a couple because of race. I have a problem with her being there still. Wasn’t she supposed to quit?! I mean WTF?! Foreman’s a good doctor and she’s a liability. She makes him a liability. And besides Dhani Jones, he’s my other tv crush, so she better get it together or back off…

Heroes tonight showed some very interesting things. Angela, mama powers, showed that she is human. When people lose their reasons for being human again, there’s always a reason. She would do anything to trap her children and relatives in previous seasons and tonight showed why she’s so “heartless” in Kanye’s words. She has a sister and the same things that are happening now, happened when she was a child. Talk about the past repeating itself. Anyways her little sister was like a real live “Storm” from X-Men! This little girl could control the weather! Now thats a bomb ass power. They did the whole back scenes and it was 1961. Before Angela met her supermen son’s father, she had a little special connection with a homie! He was cute too! So at least she had good taste, even though she was only 16. He was black and after all it was still America in 1961 so clearly nothing would ever come of it, but its nice to know that black people have powers too. There haven’t been many black characters on the show oddly enough. The most prominent blck character what the witch doctor who helped Matt Parkman control and harness his powers. Speaking of the new daddy Matt Parkman, did I forget to mention that the old black dude from 1961 had the same powers that he does? Oh yeah! Needless to say it was a good darn show. While we did get to see Angela’s sister (she’s still alive even though everyone else died) and they tried to play it off like we’ll never see her again. I have a feeling that her role will be pivotal in the inevitable WW3 thats coming. Oh and my fav doctor who was tearin up homegirl last season when he medically made his own “superhuman gene” found out that his father did the same thing that he was doin and was pivotal in the mass slaughtering of the original supers. All in all tonights show was about the past repeating itself, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Angela created everything that she did and put people like her son and granddaughter in positions to keep them as far away from this, only to find that thats where they end back up at. Interesting, to say the least….

I Love Money tonight was very interesting. I’m always looking at this show to see who is playing the game the best and honesly the best strategy with a game like this is to let the strongest personalities take themselves out of the game. Myamme made a bit of a mistake tonight and I truly feel that its going to come back to bite her in the ass. If people play the game correctly, Prancer, Frenchie and Ice will be the final 3. Tailor Made screwed himself when he made himself the leader of the new alliance. He played the game perfectly up until then when his ego got in the way. Honestly I’m shocked that Saaphyri is still there. If they were smart, she would have gone right after Buddha. Myamme was paymaster tonight and she got rid of 20 pack. I personally would have kept him around. Games like these you want to use the dumb ones with brute strength and get rid of the ones with strategy and an ounce of intelligence. 20pack showed that he was so weak minded he would drink his own pee to stay. Saaphyri talked shit when she got her check. Myamme got paymaster and let her own ego get in the way of her decision. Yes 20pack is a strong competitor and you weren’t there when the deal was made, but stick with the deal and use that to your advantage, cuz then he’s in debt to you. Instead she wanted to show that Tailor Made wasn’t the leader of the alliance. Pick your battles Myamme. Pick your battles. Frenchie is smarter than everyone gives her credit. She knows she’s weak, she keeps her mouth shut, people only think of her as the dumb stripper and she plays the part well. I can only hope that for her sake, she is playing a role til the end. She and Ice are technically in the best position to win the money. They haven’t burned any bridges. They’ve showed loyalty, but most importantly, they haven’t showed an ego or hunger for power. Hopefully they are able to see that, not get caught up in the game, and ultimately win the prize. Frenchie needs it, she needs to get her lips redone! It, I don’t even know what to say about It. I could say that he’s doin the same thing that Frenchie and Ice are doin, but he’s not. He’s not thinking, he’s not really working and honestly he should be the last to go home for that reason…

I didn’t really watch for the love of RayJ this week. It was a recap show, so no real reason to watch it. Next week is the big one. There was an episode of the Hills, and I could talk about Spencer being a douche or his sister being an even bigger douche (not cuz she’s mean spirited like her bro, but because she’s really not someone you want to cheat off of during a test ya know),  but I dont really want to…

What I do want to say before I go is, have you ever noticed while watching House over the seasons how the cafeteria changes??? Like they were getting sandwiches in the first season and now they’re getting egg white omelets.. WTF?!


Oh well hope everyone has a safe night. There’s a tornado and hail warning here. Oh and Check out my homeboy’s myspace page! He’s a damn good writer and I read his stories to prep for the drama that is TV. He is the “haikushinobiofwords” check out his story called Androgyny. Damn good story…I’m out!


Peace, Love and Dhani Jones (LMFAO),


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Normally I’m not like this but…

This bitch ass punk ass stupid ass muthafucka got a “time out” what the fuck diddy!? Git cho shit together! This nigga need a suspension at least. So what he cant go on a cruise!? what the fuck?! This fuck nigga, punk bitch has threatened the manager, fought people tooth and nail, literally! You give this nigga a time out?! I’m hella pissed off at diddy right now! A “time out” BITCH if you was messin up my money, I’m not gonna give you the chance to miss a show, fuck ass bitch you out! That shit makes me want to scream! This nigga needs to get on his knees and dome up his manager, diddy, all the group, the producers that he walked out on in the studio and Donnie for not holdin him down and beatin his ass! Hell if I was Donnie, I would have told Diddy “give me his damn job cuz he clearly dont want it” shit fuck that I’d be in the studio like “I’ll sing his part” Does this nigga not know times is hard? I’m unemployed over somethin stupider than that mess! WTF?! I’m singin everyday. I pray for the chance to be on stage and actually get paid for it. Scales, songs, fuck I love music so much by the end of my life it will be tatted all over me. And this nigga wanna get all Madonna on his manager “go fix it and when you don fixin it, i’ll be back” BITCH! If you don’t understand and see the opportunity you got then move your punk ass over and give it to me! Hell there’s so many people that you beat out in that competition and your throwin away with all this BITCHASSNESS! A friend of mine actually auditioned in Orlando with these guys and didn’t make it. I can only imagine how pissed off he is.

 While I’m glad they kissed and made up, I’m upset that there was so much time wasted on this petty issue and no focus of this season has been music. I really do like the music that they all do. I’m a fan of Day26 as well as Danity Kane and this focus on all the negative things going on can take a toll on the viewers as well as the members. The members more than the fans. All in all I’m glad the fighting is over cuz I was actually getting tired of watching them fight. I wanted Willie to just beat his ass like a father does a child that he told not to touch the hot stove but he does it anyways…lmfao “i told yo ass not to do it!” lmfao ok

Taking the stage was interesting tonight. You know the phrase “don’t eat where you shit” I cant stress it enough how much that also goes for talents as well. I just think that when you date someone who has a similar interest as you and you travel in the same clique, it causes too much stress and drama. The whole relationship is a facade. Its like football and basketball players dating cheerleaders. Dancers date singers. It looks good and it sounds good, but that doesn’t mean that it is good. Probably why I didn’t date anyone in high school. On top of the whole “my father will kill you” thing, I got to sit back and look at people who date each other just cuz they look good together. Tyler and Jasmine are cute together, but there’s no substance to the relationship. Tyler is attracted to her drive and talent. The same thing that attracted him to Mia and since Mia is getting more attention from everyone else, she’s gonna get his attention too. Its like, people wouldn’t listen to Beyonce if she wasn’t forced in your face. Chrisette Michelle is amazing! She’s not forced in your face so people don’t hear her. That doesn’t mean she’s not good. Ultimately they’re in high school and Jasmine turns 18 in the episode tonight. She really should just let Tyler go and look forward to the amazing talented men and uber drama at Julliard. Don’t get me wrong, the birthday present of the performance from Tyler for Jasmine was so cute! Like high school cute, but he’s a junior and she’s a senior and its time for her to grow up. Plus she’s like friggin beautiful so she can get a dude that wont make out with another girl cuz she’s a great singer. All in all Tyler is the male version of a groupie. He’s quick to hop on the crotch of the next hot thing. If your girl is embarrassed because she messed up on a performance, you don’t go make out with another girl! LOL He came to the school as the new guy, hooks up with the most talented girl in school or so he thought and now that he sees she’s not the only one with talent, he hops on that girls crotch. Hoe-ish!!!!!!!!!!

Moral of the story is:

 Love someone for the fact that they have drive and talent, not for what the talent is. Don’t be a groupie keep it movin!

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Best right hook ever!!!!

Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2 New  Zealand proved why MTV is the originator of the reality tv scene! CT through the most amazing punch/ right hook ever seen by a real person on tv. I mean, the whole fact that people go down in the duels and people left and the normal drama of these shows were overshadowed by this fight! He’s in need of some serious help though. CT has been kicked off of too many shows for fighting. He hit the gay guy last duel, for no reason at all, and got kicked off. He’s yellin that his career comes first and no offense to him cuz I don’t want him to read this and try and kill me, but being on reality tv should not be a career! Get a degree, get a job…Hell he’d be amazing in MMA. I’d pay money to see him there. I’m sure he’d make a lot more money doin MMA than he does going to do these challenging shows only to leave the first night because of a fight. I’m just sayin…As far as Adam goes, I think he knew he couldn’t win against CT, he even said it. BUT he was not gonna be punked again by this guy. Thats such a bully move and Adam might look like a punk now but in the long run, CT is the bitch.People like him are hurting so deep inside that they want everyone around them to suffer. Even on the after show, he didn’t apologize to Adam for tormenting him for years and then trying to kill him basically. He could have killed that little boy. He has an anger issue and ultimately I hope he gets help.

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My rant about High Fructose Corn Syrup

I have often voiced my opinion on this subject to many friends only to have wierd looks given back at me like “wtf” and been called names like nerd and crazy for this. HOWEVER, in the spirit of Obama and the mood of change in the American air I feel that I must voice this to people when I’m sober so that I’m taken a little more seriously.

Obama talks about us as a nation and out need to think about long term energy, long term finance and long term goals. Not to think about the quickest way to get there, but the best way to get there. While our economy is on its last leg and we pay more and more for energy, I feel as though our health is the last thing on people’s minds. Americans are literally the largest people in the world. Yet, we also purchase the most dieting products and have a high eating disorder count. As you read this now, if you look to the side with all the advertisements, you probably see the latest diet fad “as seen on Oprah” or “Dr. Oz’s wieght loss secret.”

What pushed my button to start my rants to my friends and ultimately this one are the commercials. I hate those stupid commercials from the Corn Refiners Association trying to tell you that high fructose corn syrup is fine and you have nothing to worry about. There’s always someone on there that says “you know what they say about the stuff. well you know” and they cant say whats wrong with it. That bothers me. Eats at me like a parasite! So whenever I see that commercial and I’m in control of the tv, I change the channel. If I’m not in control, I take the soapbox to educate!


Why? You might ask. I could go into all the chemistry makeups and tell you in the same boring way that I learned it. But I’m not. I am not going to say that what they say in the commercials is wrong. I am going to say however, they are misleading. The claim in all the commercials is:

“High fructose corn syrup is fine when consumed in small doses.” This is TRUE. Now, if you pick up that beverage you’re dinking, if its not water, there’s high fructose corn syrup in it. That cereal you had for breakfast? Yep, high fructose corn syrup. That oreo or chip or fry or burger. Welcome good old high fructose corn syrup!!!!!!! See my point yet? Its in everything! So how do you consume it in small doses if its in everything!?

“Its just like regular sugar.” Ummm to a certain extent thats true. HFCS and sugar are made up of the same things, however, sugar and HFCS aren’t the same. Sugar is naturally occuring while HFCS is man-made. The human body isn’t developed to be able to digest man made materials. Think of it like eating cookie dough instead of the cookie. HFCS actually makes you want more and doesn’t give your body the stimulant to feel “full” like sugar does. Therefore, you OVEREAT!

Then once you eat it, your body doesn’t break it down like it breaks down sugar because its not made like sugar. Your body uses sugar as energy. High fructose corn syrup, not so much. It confuses the body because its so similar that it thinks, “hmmm…maybe I can use this someday” so yay! Its stores it as fat! Hence, fatness occurs…

Now you might ask,”Why does the government allow this to be in everything we eat?” easy answer.
ITS CHEAP! There’s also the fact that you can use less of it because its sweeter than regular sugar and also works as a preservative in acidic foods.

I’m not ranting just to rant, since this has only been in the regular diet for a short amount of time (since 1966), we don’t know what long term affects can be from consuming this crap. Besides the problems its already been linked to, irritable bowel syndrome, heart conditions, liver problems and even autism. What if this one cheap fake sugar is the reason that Americans suffer from Diabetes or even Cancer?

When you go grocery shopping, where in the store do you normally shop? Everyone shops in the middle of the store. Its more a matter of conveinence than taste. Hamburger helpers, canned tuna, canned soup. Who actually wants to make homemade soup? All full of HFCS…

While shopping more on the outside of the store is your best bet to stay away from consuming an abundance of HFCS, odds are we aren’t going to do it. Why? Because thats the cheap stuff! Fresh veggies, fruits, meats and dairy are slowly raising in price. But ask yourself if in the long run, if its worth it.

By no means am I saying that I’m perfect and don’t eat anything with HFCS in it. I’m human, I’m an American and I’m black. pulease! But I am mindful of how many things I eat a day with that stuff in it. Instead of canned fruit I eat fresh. I try to shop on the outside of the store as much as possible.

Its not just in foods I have to say, cough syrup……need i say more? watch your Nyquil intake! It could make you fat!

I’ve never been the person to want to start a revolution. Just kind of gone through life like whatever, but more and more this is bothering me. I wanna do a truth type commercial or and make it a viral video on youtube or something. I just want people to be informed that we could very well be killing ourselves and not know it.

There are rules and regulations on the foods we eat. There are laws saying that all foods must have an ingredients list and nutrition facts. But nothing says we need to know what the stuff on the ingredients list means. There’s no regulations on how much of this sutff can be in foods either. I know we all know people who suffer from Diabetes and Cancer if we don’t already ourselves. What would you do if you knew that the Nutri Grain bar that you’re eating causes diabetes? What should the government do? What if that diet Coke causes liver cancer?

There are companies who are taking a stand against it. Vitaminwater, Ocean Spray. They use cane sugar or beet sugar. Honestly you cant tell the difference. Its not just about reading, its about knowing what you’re reading….

In no way am I saying that HFCS is the only cause for obesity in America. We’re lazy. We’d rather play HALO then ride a bike. Thats something we all know and make a decision on everyday. We don’t make a decision on consuming HFCS. At least, not an educated one. Would you be willing to pay a few cents more for a product that doesn’t have HFCS in it? Or would like to pay the 10 for $10 at Albertsons for your diabetes meds and cancer treatments in the future? Harsh way of putting it but I feel that an impact is needed to make a point….

ok I’m done ranting!

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Real Housewives…100%???

So tonight the G’s to gents are getting down to the final 3. The pimp told his hoe to stop. lol Blue had to man up and tell his mama no. Baron needs to keep his ding a ling on wrap. He’s not even cute but he’s got damn there a a basketball team! Ew, dude cut your hair, pulease!

Tonight MTV and all of the fans said goodbye to T.I. He’s preppin to get ready for prison. He did a follow up with all the kids from the show, just to make sure that they were still on the right track. Mr “I like guns” couldn’t be there because he’s bein charged with attempted murder. I know so many people like these kids and for a split second, I dont resent my father for not letting me have a childhood. Cuz that could have easily been me. Ya know when I was growing up there was this kid. My father had us working in the family cafe and it was on the worst street in town. Known for its drugs, violence, gangs, prostitutes and crime. Kind of a vice row, the dboys would come there to eat. They basically kept us in business. But this kid, he was around my age, maybe a little older. Anyways he was the class clown always more focused on what he was gonna do outside of school rather than what he was doin in school. As we got older, I saw him drop out and me excel. He cant count and would buy stuff from us and tip us big, not because he was ballin, but because he couldn’t count. Thats sad to me, so I kind of have a soft spot for that show.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey has a half hour sneak peek that they are showing. The women on here are comical. More than the others! So do only italians stay in Jersey? There’s a woman on the show who I’m lookin at and she looks so familiar! They show her husband and I automatically know where she’s from. She had a wedding on Platinum weddings! So her name is Dina. Dina’s sister married Dina’s brother in law. Dina’s brother married a woman and she’s having problems fitting into the family. All of these women are on the show. There’s only 2 other housewive who shockingly isn’t part of their family! Like I was just joking when I said its like the Sopranos but these women are serious! Like there’s Columbian cartel talks and women warning others to stay out of their families or they’ll regret it. Like its the Sopranos but better cuz its real. Women are a lot more ruthless than men. Women crave torture. We get off on it. I’ll be honest. A woman gets hurt by a dude, she wants to make his life a living hell, but she wants him to live. These women are proving my point. I don’t care what anyone says, these italians are straight 100.

The New York ladies are childs play now that I’ve seen them. They tried to have a joke cuz Simon and Ramona don’t get along. Jill made Simon her tennis partner for a match against Ramona and her husband. Alex, Simon’s wife got to show that she actually is smart and uses her brains. Even though we all know she’s the one that brings home the bacon in the relationship, she’s creative. I was happy to see her in a normal light this week. Jill’s apartment is coming along and I can honestly say I love it! Bethany is writing a book. I’m going to buy it. I love Bethany, she’s not afraid of hard work and she’s bustin her ass for her business Skinnygirl cocktails.  Luanne, oh i’m sorry pardon me, Countess Luanne is the most fake, stuck up bitch on tv now. She sees herself up there with mother Theresa and she’s a joke. She thinks she’s likable and she’s not. She thinks that Americans care that she’s a Countess. Just cuz you care, doesn’t mean the world does. Especially today, she goes to the boys and girls club, a girl wants to be a model and she tells her that “losing wieght is easy” ok so she’s big but she’s 10 and that was so rude! So lucky none of their parents were there. She doesn’t think before she speaks. She doesnt think about how what she comes off to people. I cant stand her with a passion. She’s the kind of person that I would probably be in a conversation with and walk away, with her mid-sentence, like I don’t even remember her talking to me. She does charities because she’s selfish, not because she’s sincere. Ugh, So the tennis match was a joke. Simon and Jill clearly lost. Ramona’s husband is pro so that was a given. This show is funny because these women love giving back handed complements and the most politically correct disses possible. A good contrast to the New Jersey show that will be airing soon.


I’m excited to see the new RW/RR challenge. I like those. Money hungry people make great drama. Make me a supermodel, while I do like it, I’m kind of turned off by the fact that America doesnt get to vote anymore. That puts it on the same shelf as Tyra. Tyson should try and stand out a little more. They already share similar names. We get to see if Q gets kicked out of the group in Thursday which I dont think he does cuz he’s in the new video. What a waste…

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Smash is such a gross word…

Didn’t get a chance to post last night. Ya know I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of good shows that come on on Monday nights!!! Last night was a night full of surprises on every show that  I watched.

House was sad. Kumar killed himself. I call him Kumar cuz thats who he’ll always be to me! LOL Anyways, the whole show was really morose to put it nicely. Too much death goin on. The patient was in need of attention from her husband so she faked being sick. Then she actually got sick and her husband made a choice, either she dies or he dies. Ultimately the decision is out of his hands. It was cool though to see Meatloaf on the screen again. He was the husband. Meatloaf was kind of over shadowed by the storyline of Kumar’s suicide. It had to be one of the most depressing shows I’ve seen in a long time though.

Heroes was more of a “pre-show.” I like the drama building because there’s so many storylines going on here. One of the most powerful families are together now. Sylar has been exposed and Denko is dating a russian prostitute. Yes, a russian prostitute who doesn’t even know his real name! It was very interesting to see a softer side of Denko. He actually has a heart, but ultimately he has a mental problem. He’s jealous that he doesn’t have powers. Thats really how I feel. Ultimately I’m awaiting next week. The end of the show left us at an abandoned military site with a lot of buried bodies and no story for them. So I’m interested to see who they are. Heroes always knows how to give you enough to keep coming back!

I love money was a joke! They were jumping beds. It showed how out of shape these people are. And Frenchie is a stripper. Arent they supposed to be pretty strong in the leg area? She didn’t even finish the challenge.  I think its funny how people make these alliances with people but it really has no merit. Then they are shocked when people turn on them! Becky Buckwild went home by 1 of her own teammates hands. He knew exactly what he was doing when he did it too. Very well played by Tailor Made I must say. Separating Becky and Saaphyri was very smart. Offering a free pass was even smarter! 20 pack could have either kept the duo or taken the free pass. End result? Take the easiest pass to the money! This show isn’t called “i love loyalty” its called “I love money” Some of the people are gettin so caught up in the game that they forgettin about the money. Tailor made better watch out though. I really do feel that he is taking it upon himself to be the “leader” of the new alliance. I don’t think he’s played the game recently as well as he did in the beginning. Which could say something about him in life. He starts off right, but doesn’t think it all the way through. Hence why he is on a reality tv show tryin to get money instead of using his degrees.

Danger….she smashed the homies! That is the new hit song! Too many people are going around saying that for them not to make a real song. Tom Green is a hitmaker! LOL RayJ introduced the final 3 girls to his friends and family and more and more, Danger is starting to throw up some warning signs. I don’t know if RayJ is blinded by his feelings or just keeping her around for tv, but this girl is talkin about LOVE! Its been real time 3 weeks and she’s talkin about love!? WTF?! Its apparent to everyone, viewers, friends and family (except Brandy) that Unique is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. Plus she’s too boring! Maybe when he’s 60 and too old to do pornos, she’d be a good fit…So Danger is put on blast to the fam that she’s crazy. His mom says no to all the girls (smart woman) and everyone else likes Cocktail. Understandably so, she’s the most normal one there. Danger smashed the homie and dated another one. Smash is such a gross word. There’s like NO respect behind that word and I think he knows that if he picks her, then his boys wont have much respect for him and they’ll probably try and run a train on her. Real talk. Yes people, its a small world and we all have skeletons in our closet and people in our past that are in our past for a reason. I’ve been in that situation before so I know its not one you want to really go through. Then you get to see the men almost take on a competitve nature when it comes to you. You become an object instead of a person. Its not a good look but when you’re young, you do things so that you learn from them. The situation isn’t what I would write her off for, its the way she approached it. If someone comes to you with an attitude like Ray’s friend did, you don’t give attitude back because then you look shady. You do state firmly what you’re there for, but instead of being a bitch cuz you fucked the homie, be sincere that different people  have different dynamics to their relationships.  She’ll learn that with time tho, like I did.  You gotta be an adult in situations like that cuz thats an adult situation. Even though most people treat it immaturely.

OMG! Like seriously I was so excited for The Hills!! LMFAO ok so back to reality…tv that is. It was good to see that Lauren and Heidi are moving past what happened. Lauren had so much hate in her heart about what happened that I was unsure that even with the producers help, these 2 could become cordial. I think Lauren is really starting to stand up for herself and I was cheering with she told Spencers sister to stop forcing people together. She always tries to make people be friends and while I understand that she just wants everyone to get along. Her absence while in Europe is apparent. She’s ignorant to whats all going on. I think Heidi is realizing that Spencer is a drama queen. He’s like a shady used car salesmen. lol Spencer is like really sick in the head. Like Mark Wahlberg in Fear! He does these things but they shouldn’t affect how he feels about Heidi. Ultimately he’s just selfish. He preaches about loyalty so much but he’s not loyal to Heidi at all. SHE has low self esteem so his over controlling nature to her looks like he cares. They need counseling before they get married. I don’t know if its just me, but Lo, somethin about her I cant put my finger on it but I do not like it. She really to me feels like she’s hiding something or up to no good. Spencers a fighter. He was a little bit of a “P.A.B” lol Punk Ass Bitch, but its interesting to see what the season has to show. Looks like Heidi and Spencer will ultimately stay together..boo! And there’s just this clique thats all gonna be sharing their own string of STD’s…

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The night of bitchassness

If you know me, then you know that at some point, when things get out of control, I’ll back off or call you on it…Tonight, watching Hell’s Kitchen, Making the Band and Taking the Stage I realised that guys have a problem with you callin them on they shit….

Hell’s Kitchen, its the blue team vs. red team. Blue team has 3 men and Red team has 3 girls and a guy. They are all given the opportunity to create their own menu. Awesome right? The girls end up technically winning for the night. 1 of the girls blows it cuz she didn’t cook the potatoes, screws her whole mojo up and she admits it. Is happy the team won, but knows that she should go home for the service. While the boys on the other hand, try and use some fancy french term to cook, mess the food up completely then blame chef Ramsey cuz “Chef’s version is different from mine” Ultimately girl goes home. But she knew she messed up and fessed up to it. I give her mad props for that….While mr. man over there is tellin the chef that he’s wrong  cuz his bitchass messed up! Bitchassness!!!

Let’s skip over Making the Band cuz I wanna save that for last…..

Taking the stage; Fame circa 2008… Granted there is a new version of the critically acclaimed movie Fame coming to theatres in September (yes I’m a broadway freak) I feel that this show is captivating. They’re children, but you see relationship dynamics of all kind. Teacher/student; dancer/dancer; ballet/ hip hop; gay singer boyfriend of gay dancer boyfriend. All in all, they clearly highlight the strongest kids out of the school. Which is cool and all, but I feel like the school does things out of character just because the cameras are around. Tonight, the school decided to pair up people who would never meet to do a showcase to raise money. I doubt they do that normally….While last week the gay couple was the object of critical love, this week it was Tyler and Mia. Tyler is a hip hop “god” in the school and he’s dating the ballerina queen Jasmine..Typical right? Mia is a child prodigy, plays, sings and can dance and is planning her life in the spotlight. Tyler and Mia would never talk in any other light, but they decided to pair them up, causing Tyler ultimately to cheat on his ballerina beauty. Now, normally I would say “leave his trifflin ass!” BUT The type of stress they are under, magnified by the fact that its all on camera, it was just for the cameras. My issue with this, besides them being too young to be talkin about relationships and marriage..(yes marriage!) is that Tyler tried to play it off like it wasn’t a big deal. Jasmines homegirl had to pull him out of a situation that he should have never put himself into in the first place. Alls I’m sayin is don’t start off your relationships in life with bitchassness. If you did somethin wrong than admit it, take the consequences and move on. Don’t whine, don’t beg, man up!

And onto the finale! Mr. Q! King Bitchassness himself. Over the past few weeks we’ve all noticed a little bit of hysteria in Q. His mom even noticed it and couldn’t do anything about it. Tonight he took a couple cheap shots at Brian, stemming from his story he’s building up in his mind. And I completely understand that editing plays a huge part it what we as an audience see. BUT Q is in need of some professional help. Whether how he feels is justified or not. Anger problems like that stem further than the group, than the manager, than the taxi driver, the dudes in the street. (These are all people he got into altercations with!) Somethin clicked in his brain to take him back to a bad childhood or somethin for him to freak out on the whole NYC like that. Either way it goes, I’m just waitin for Diddy to kick his ass out. Even if they work things out, I feel like he has some soul searchin to do or a breakthrough that he’s gonna need to do to prove to me and his fans that he’s not crazy and not full of himself.


So the moral of tonights story is…Men, get this bitchassness bug out of your system!


In the words of RayJ,

Many blessings!!!!!

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April fools!!!!! not…

So when did the real housewives decide that New Jersey was needed???? Its like Sopranos from the women’s perspective. WTF?! That is not cute….The New Yorkers, wow, so let me just say that I am not a fan of Luanne or Kelly. Something about that “holier than thou” attitude makes me sick. Not to mention they look a little mannish…Kelly tonight, thought it would be appropriate to invite Bethany out and bash her. Granted it was to her face, so she gets respect for that, BUT it was lame. She should have written down her points or something so she could have made since. Bethany holds a special place in my heart because I feel like we have a lot in common. Health freaks, she’s a personal chef, which is what I want to end up doing. Plus her personality is just hella chill. So when you try and go off on my girl, I’m gonna laugh at you, especially when you cant formulate your bitchfest together! So Kelly, go fall off some more horses and kiss some more famous peoples asses so you can be known…


G’s to Gents: please tell me why Blue is there? I don’t think he’s there tryin to better his life, I think he’s a hater and a complainer and I’m over his albino ass. BUT Teddy hurt my feelings so bad tonight! He was the cutest, got the dreads, lips…he’s a pimp! LITERALLY! I mean damn nigga get it together! We’ve all seen Hustle and Flow. We know its hard out here for a pimp, but DAYUM!!! All in all I really feel that the goal of the show is to help those who really want it, become a better person.  Baron, personally needs a lot more help than he’s getting on that show. Blue needs to suck a dick and get over his mumblin ass self. Mito, probably has changed the most and while I’m actually quite impressed with him, I wonder if its a show. Like is  he a chameleon or is he really becoming  a better person. Lank got kicked off tonight and while I felt like he had a lot of potential, after finding out that he’s not really a G, he’s just not taking full advantage of what he’s been given, I felt it was appropriate to kick his ass off. Now the final 4, Baron, Blue, Teddy and Mito….I honestly don’t know who should win at this point. I really feel like people underestimate south Florida alot and after the first season they realized that SoFlo is not a joke. Baron could be another one to do right from there or he could just go back to being a statistic, but we’ll see…

The Bad Girls club reunion came on tonight and I was really looking forward to seeing that. I am a fan of Tiffany. I feel that out of all of them, she’s the one that most people can relate to. She knows when she does something wrong and calls herself out on it. I can respect that. Now my problem with her is that she has almost a “frienemies” relationship with Cookie and thats not fair. She uses her closeness with Cookie, against Cookie whenever she’s around the other girls. I think that Cookie, brings it on herself yes bc when she’s around rythymless Amber, she grows balls. Kayla or KC whatever the fuck you want to call yourself, you’re a mess. A H.A.M=hot ass mess…Kayla isn’t a bad girl, she’s just troubled. She needs some serious help and she needs Jesus….Thats all I’m sayin on KC. Now, Perez Hilton was the mediator for the show and yes, Ailea is psycho, yes she is a sick girl, but DAYUM Perez! You didn’t have to call her out like that! Perez called her “disgusting” and told her numerous times ” you make me sick.” All because she beat up on Cookie (aka Amber) and stomped on her and gloated about it. LOL I’m sorry, but there are girls that I’ve beat up and I really don’t feel bad for it. Sorry…but I dont know many people who get in a fight and feel bad for kickin somebodys ass. Thats just how it goes….

I’m a little pissed that I missed College Hill: South Beach tonight. Terry is a crazy girl who made a guy on the show her “boyfriend” on the first night. Everygirl has met that guy that you are attracted to and you want to hit it, yes, but after the first night callin him your boyfriend…not a good look. sleepin with him…not a good look and goin all psycho obsessive cuz he’s talking to the other people in the house and not you…NOT a good look! That was all on the first show! Along with the Bi guy getting mad cuz someone called him gay. Get over it! You’re a fag, she’s a fag hag, deal with it! Milan, the hag….her accent seams a little forced to me..I dunno, maybe its just me. She’s very much a gold digger/video hoe in the making. Pretty girl, don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty, but if thats all you got going for you then you’re a lame to me….Since crazy ass Terry is probably getting kicked off the show tonight, I wont be talking much about it unless something else really good happens. Crazy people….

On another subject: If you know me then you know my slight reservation with Beyonce. There’s just somethin not right about her and you can see it in her eyes. Don’t get me wrong, she works hard to stay on top, but there’s somethin wrong with her inside. Mentally. So to see her in a movie called Obsession really didn’t shock me, BUT to see her not as the obsessed one made me take a step back. First she’s playin an older character with children and I dont think she’ll make a good mom but I digress..Anyways, I don’t think that she’s a good actor, but I will go see the movie. Cuz my Heroes girl is in there and I am a really big fan of Idris, so look out for that update…


Finally, slowly but surely I’m learning how to work this site. I want to apologize now if I don’t get to your comments on time. I just realized you gotta hit “approve” lol I’m learning the site slowly but surely and I really appreciate all the feedback I can get and all the views and comments so let them flow! Thats the beauty of being a human being and having your own mind and views on things. I will always respect you for speaking your mind. NOW whether I like what you say is a different story! But you could say the same for me! Oh well…until next time


Peice out like T.I!

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